20 Apr 2021


Seminar with AWS Expert on April 2021

Monthly free seminar on AWS cloud computing was conducted during the third week of April , candidates received a certificate for attendance . Use the below link for upcoming seminars. 

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21 Jan 2021


Short session on career guide

For PG students we arrange online seminars and crash courses to push their career to a mark which they where dreaming of and we help in completing their Phd. 

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16 Apr 2021


Digital Marketing Training  For All

Digital marketing training batch starts every month first week , Candidates can interact with marketing experts and get their skills and knowledge upgraded

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25 Feb 2021


Mobile App Development crash course 

App development crash course will give a better understanding about what will be the output of your time and effort. Book your seat for a career in development. 

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30 Mar 2021


Internship program for Javascript courses

With Java script , an active candidate will get the opportunity to work on the bench before getting a job in real-time, if found to be excellent , can earn a stipend 

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